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“From day one of joining Wimbledon Day our lives became full of hope, happiness, support and smiles. My daughter flourished and grew in confidence and happiness, all her physical, emotional and safety needs met delivered by the staff to an outstanding level... We finally had a beautiful place for our daughter to play and learn and be showered with all her needs” (Emma)

“My 5 year old son attended wimbledon day nursery from 7 months of age until he started school and thrived there. It is a nurturing environment and the staff are genuine and caring. Developmentally and socially his time at nursery equipped him with skills which he has taken forward to a really positive start at school. My 2 year old son is delighted when its a nursery day and often I find it tricky to persuade him to leave at the end of the day!” (Sally)

“Our daughter really did make quite a journey at Wimbledon Day - we're so glad they were a part of it. She's now so full of fun and bounce and after we relocated the new nursery were so surprised how talkative she is despite her implants! It made us realise again how important Wimbledon Day Nursery’s input has been and how fantastic it is that the SENCo makes sure the nursery staff really get involved. The staff made so much effort to understand and support our daughter. The SENCo was an absolutely brilliant support to us and really unique in being so caring and so incredibly efficient! We really are grateful for everything Wimbledon Day Nursery did for our daughter and we hope they take some pride and credit for being part of her incredible journey so far.” (Josie & Marcus)

“The staff at Wimbledon Day are wonderful and bring out the best in our children. It is a very safe, inclusive and nurturing environment.” (Lisa & Steve)

“Activities for the children are fabulous, there are lots of facilities within the nursery and they go above and beyond to create a caring and nurturing environment for all the children in their care. The staff are brilliant, friendly, caring and most important of all, stay with the nursery. All too often I have heard of staff constantly moving but that has not been the case for us. My son went all the way through from baby to preschool and loved his time there. Our daughter also started in babies and is now in toddler 2. I would recommend the nursery to other families, and have done so over the years”. (Anouska)

“Our daughter Isla has absolutely thrived whilst at Wimbledon Day Nursery. She is confident, happy and eager to learn which I am sure her time here has nurtured. All of the staff that we have got to know over the years have been professional but also friendly and smiley, and we have never had any concerns about leaving Isla in their care. All in all a brilliant place, and one that our second daughter is soon to experience!” (Sian)

“We will be forever grateful to Wimbledon Day Nursery for the enormous contribution everyone there made to the important early years of our son’s education, and the support they gave us as a family. The dedication and affection shown by those who worked closely with our child were second to none... We believe that the years our son spent there prepared him not only for primary school, but gave us all a fantastic insight into what is possible when it comes to including disabled children in mainstream educational settings.” (Yvette & Alan)

“Our philosophy is 'Happy Child = Happy Parent' and my two girls, both of which attended WDN couldn't have been happier. They saw nursery as an extension of family life, and indeed many of the staff were like family, often looking out for the parents as much as the children. My eldest moved up to school a confident, caring, well-mannered and inquisitive little girl all merit to the staff at the nursery. The projects that they get involved in (such as learning about and then producing canvases in the style of well known artists) go above and beyond all expectations as to what a nursery should deliver. This is true of the baby room as much as the pre-schooler class room. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the nursery to anyone.” (Caroline)

“The team at Wimbledon Day Nursery have looked after both of our children for fours days a week since they were 9 months old, the eldest of whom is about to go to Primary school. Not once have we felt anything but confidence in our decision. The boys have thrived. They have been cared for by a wonderful team of staff who have involved us in every stage of their development, from their first steps, to reading and writing first words. The boy's key workers have become a stable and loving addition to their lives, as have their network of friends in the nursery. One of the things which has struck us most in the 4 years since we have been at the nursery is the dedication and passion of the staff. They have pride in what they do and understand it's importance; it's very much their career, as opposed to simply a job they have fallen into, which results in a great level of care and a real passion for the development and well being of the children in their care. The staff at WDN haven't simply cared for our boys, they have helped us to raise them and in doing so we have two social, well mannered, inquisitive and, most importantly, very happy boys. We could not recommend the nursery highly enough and feel very fortunate to have had both boys in their care.” (Sophie and Kieran)