Our kitchens operate to the highest standards meeting all dietary and allergy requirements with 5 scores on the door for our health and safety and hygiene.

Our menus are nutritional balanced and freshly prepared by our highly experienced kitchen team each day. The menus change seasonally and operate on an 11 day rotation to ensure all children receive a varied diet regardless of the sessions they attend with us.

Example of Autumn Menu… Coming Soon…

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Opening Times

Both nursery sites are open from 7.30am to 6.30pm weekdays for 51 weeks of the year closing only for bank holidays.

Wimbledon Day Nursery 1 offers morning and afternoon sessions to offer parents more choice. Mornings run from 7.30am to 1pm and afternoons run from 1.30pm to 6.30pm. Full day sessions are available at both nursery sites and run from 7.30am – 6.30pm although OFSTED recommends that your child should not attend for more than 10 hours in a session to ensure they receive a home and nursery balance.

Ad hoc sessions are available at both sites depending on availability.

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Our kitchen team will be using their expertise to offer the children their first cooking experiences making healthy snacks and simple meals as part of their monthly activities.

Football Focus

Trained coaches come into the nursery setting once a week to offer children ball skills and other gross motor activities proving hugely popular with the children providing them with co-ordination, balancing and listening skills.

Teddy Tennis

Well we are in Wimbledon – you never know the next great player could be amongst us! Children enjoy these sessions with our coaches who offer team games and gross motor play building confidence and co-ordination.dipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


Our French tutor offers the children the opportunity to explore another language through fun games and activities providing parents with termly reports on their child’s progress.


All rooms take the children out into their local community to explore what is on offer, whether it is to enjoy the local parks in all the different seasons, as part of an activity such as cooking to select their own ingredients or linked to a larger project such as transport exploring the inside of a car engine with our local mechanics. If we are travelling further afield and using public transport we will always seek additional permission.


As we do projects that we can link to the local community or find additional companies to support we will invite visitors in such as fire and ambulance services, local artists or musicians and even whole rainforests complete with bugs have been known to inhabit our setting.


We celebrate a wide range of festivals to embrace our wide and diverse community and will often ask parents to share their cultural customs and beliefs with the children as well as taking trips to local sites such as the Buddhist temple in Wimbledon.


Across the year we hold come and play days to celebrate Mothers day and Fathers day and also hold our annual Christmas Fayre with lots of crafts and games, a visit from the nativity animals and if we’ve been really good Santa may even appear! These are fun occasions that we highly enjoy and get large parental participation for which allows us to show off all the fun things we do with the children during their time at nursery.

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We have two nursery sites that run independently

Offering different sessions across 52 weeks of the year with the exception of bank holidays to accommodate the needs of parents. Across both buildings our opening hours run from 7.30am to 6.30pm with no additional charges for breakfast or end of day.

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Wimbledon Day Nursery I

32 Montague Road has been in operation since June 2008 and takes a maximum of 68 children per session. It offers morning sessions from 7.30am – 1pm, afternoon sessions from 1.30 – 6.30pm and full day sessions from 7.30am – 6.30pm

Wimbledon Day Nursery II

33 Montague Road has been in operation since August 2011 and takes a maximum of 49 children per session. It offers full day sessions only from 7.30am – 6.30pm

Our fees include all meals, milks and nappies and we have buggy sheds on each side for you to fold away and store your buggy for the day. We have a kitchen on each side that prepares fresh meals each day and can meet a wide range of dietary requirements.

Health and Well Being

We believe in creating a safe and welcoming environment where your child’s wellbeing is placed at the centre of all we do.

Children are encouraged to build their independence to care for themselves and those around them and learn many self care and good hygiene practices to support them in their daily lives. Both nurseries holds a five star rating for food and hygiene and staff are vigilant and follow strict health and safety guidelines to make sure the nursery maintains a high level of hygiene standards with extra measures in place for infection control.

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Two kids looking happy and Healthy in some activities - Day care Wimbledon

In order for your child to make the most of their day at nursery it is important that they come to us fit and healthy and ready to engage with the many indoor and outdoor activities we have on offer. If your child has been unwell we ask that you support us in following our sickness and medication policies which has been created in accordance with guidance from the health protection agency. These will be made available to you on joining the nursery.

Both of our sites are completely secure with an intercom entrance at the front of each building. We have strict collection and visitors policies in place and CCTV in our offices showing the surrounding of buildings to ensure that we are aware of all individuals coming into our buildings. All staff are vetted carefully and are offered first aid and safeguarding training to ensure we maintain the safety of the children at all times. As part of this we prevent staff from using their mobile phones within the building and ask that any parents and visitors coming in to refrain from using them as well. Our safeguarding policy will be made available to parents on joining the nursery and management are happy to answer any questions.

Local Offer

We are an inclusive setting that welcomes children with a range of special educational needs and values the opportunity to offer your child their first nursery experience.

Before any child with special educational needs starts the setting or as any special needs are identified we work closely with Merton Inclusion Team to ensure our practitioners have all the training and knowledge needed to support your child. You will be offered the opportunity to meet with the SENCo and the assigned key worker to make sure you feel confident in our abilities to meet the needs of your child.

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New special Kids are warmly welcomed by the teachers - Wimbledon nursery schools

As a setting we have to date had experience with; reflux, coelliacs disease and other dietary conditions, social communication disorders, autism, speech and language delay, behaviour management and emotional attachment issues, hearing impaired children and cochlear implants, physical disabilities that have required wheelchair access and hoisting, respiratory support including suctioning and gastro-tube feeding.

For more information about the care and support we can offer please contact the nursery directly so we can ensure we are able to support you and your child and have all the necessary steps in place before you join the setting

For more information on Merton’s local offer to parents with children who have special needs or disabilities please go to

Wimbledon Day Nursery

Wimbledon Day Nursery is about providing the best level of care and education for every child who comes through our door. With a highly qualified team of staff and a management team who together have over twenty years of childcare knowledge we have managed to create a home away from home experience for your pride and joy

Home like feel

Complete Safety

Indoor/Outdoor Games

Qualified Staff


Both of our nurseries have four rooms split into the developmental age groups to best foster your child’s development and social experiences.

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Finding Us

We are a, well positioned nursery in walking distance of South Wimbledon tube station, Wimbledon train station, Merton Park tram station and many local bus routes


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