Children should dress comfortably with easy fastenings so to assist self at toilet as much as possible. Aprons are available for messy play but best clothes should not be worn. Please make sure your child is dressed in weather appropriate clothing as we go out in all weathers.
Indoor & outdoor shoes. Waterproof clothing /and Wellie boots. Sun hats and swimming costumes / hats, gloves and scarves. Spare clothes. Any comforters your child may have. All nappies/wipes/formula milks are provided.

All children upon receiving your permission will go on small outings around the local area often visiting places related to the topic of the month. For outings which are not based in the local community or require the use of public transport we would advise you of this and request further permission.

We do not advise this as this causes many problems for the children who are not so able to share. However if your child has a comforter that will aid with their settling process these are acceptable. We do not accept responsibility for any lost or broken toys. In some of our older rooms we do offer the opportunity for show and tell and nursery staff will advise you on what to bring.

Each child will have their own key worker who will help settle your child into their new setting. S/he will be able to provide feedback about your child’s development on a regular basis.

Yes we have two lovely gardens securely based at the back of the building which all children will have access to throughout the day at Wimbledon Day Nursery I and a large garden and sensory room securely based at the back of Wimbledon Day Nursery II for all children to access at this setting.

Yes we have a kitchen within each building where our chef will work full time providing healthy well balanced meals. Our seasonal menus have been nutritionally balanced and designed by a nutrition specialist. Our chefs are well experienced in providing for children with dietary requirements and work closely alongside the room staff and parents.

As much as possible but if replacement food is served this may not be the case. We will endeavor to keep this as minimal as possible.

We have very thorough procedures in place for finding suitable staff. All staff are CRB checked and references are followed up before working with children. All staff start with us with a probation contract and are monitored closely to ensure they are a suitable member for our team.

Yes, we accept vouchers as part payment for fees. Please check with management for more details.

Yes we are able to offer children of the correct age this facility. Please ask the management team or see our fees page on the website for more details. We currently only offer 3 and 4 year old funding.

Children under 2 ½ will have daily reports from the nursery team about their day. For our older toddlers and pre-schoolers we have daily boards outside the rooms with information about the theme for the week and what they have been doing as well as having displays of their projects around the room.

All children have observation books which are updated termly with photos, children’s work and written observations. Parents are always welcome to look through them or arrange a meeting with their child’s key worker to discuss their progress.

We always endeavor to have as many of our staff trained in pediatric first aid as possible. There will be 1st aid trained staff in the buildings at all times.

We have taken security precautions in our main entrances with intercom access into the building and cctv cameras providing management with a view of the entrance areas surrounding the nursery. The front entrance is the only available public access into both buildings. All parents/careers will have to be let into the building by a member of staff from their child’s room via video recognition and any unknown people collecting children will have to have a password provided by the parents with prior notification having been given to the nursery. All visits to the nursery will have to be pre-arranged.

We ask that all children attend with us for a minimum of one full day or two half sessions. This is to ensure the child has enough time within the nursery setting to build bonds with the staff and children and to enable your child’s key worker to provide activities specific to your child’s development.

Our staff are available to babysit outside of operational hours once you have signed an agreement with ourselves setting out the terms and conditions. Our staff charge a rate of £10 an hour for one child with an additional £2 per hour for each other child.

Yes, we are a very inclusive setting with a wealth of experience in SEN. Please see our local offer on our website or contact our SENCO for more information.

No, we have an all weather policy at the nursery and believe it is crucial children access the outdoor environment. If you feel your child is not well enough to play outside then they are not well enough to attend nursery. In the event of your child becoming ill whilst in the setting they will be kept inside until they can be collected.

In the event of you being able to collect your child by 1pm or 6.30pm please ring and inform management as soon as possible. Wherever possible we will request that you contact another person to collect but in the event of this not being possible nursery staff will wait for you to arrive. If late collection occurs on several occasions late charges will be applied. In the event of you not collecting and us being unable to reach you emergency contacts will be called. If no one is contactable or can collect within an hour of first contact being attempted then we will have no choice but to contact Social Services.

We don’t recommend that you pop in to your child’s room at any time as this can be unsettling for them but we do have parent story times and other events you can volunteer for as well as annual play days scheduled across the year.