At Wimbledon Day Nursery, we understand the trust and potential concerns that come with leaving your baby or child in our care.

We can assure you that your child will be in a loving and stimulating environment with staff who are there because of their love of children and excellent abilities to take care of them. We want to be a nursery that offers you an outstanding service so you can go about your day with peace of mind knowing your child is in the best possible hands. We believe that in order to begin your journey feeling confident that you have made the right choice of childcare for you that we should offer you the time and reassurance needed to answer all your questions and build a bond with child and family before you start settling into the nursery.

Children Communicating with each other - Nurseries in Wimbledon

We offer this opportunity in the form of a home visit where a member of the management team and your child’s key person will visit you at home to offer uninterrupted time to discuss your child’s individual needs. In our wealth of experience we have found that visiting you at home is a perfect starting point for the key person to build a bond with your child in an environment where they feel safe and secure so they feel more comfortable on their first visit to the nursery. It also offers you as parents our undivided attention to discuss your child’s needs and any questions you have regarding the nursery and for us to build an understanding of your expectations for your journey with us.

As your child is completing their settling week with us we will be readily available to support you and your child through this time. Your child’s key worker will work closely with you to ensure the experience is as positive as possible for your child and management will be available to offer parents as many hugs as needed! Across the settling sessions please feel free to call the nursery as often as needed to see how your child is adapting to nursery life.

Once your child has started with us room staff will be there to meet and greet you and your child each day and to offer you feedback about your child’s day on collection.  With children under  2 ½ years staff will have a daily report sheets to show how your child’s day has been , including, how s/he has eaten, slept and what sort of activities they have been doing throughout the day and once they move into our older rooms staff offer daily verbal communication and displays of what the children have been doing around the rooms.

Across all rooms the staff take detailed observations of your child and track their development. The details from the observations will be used as evidence to track your child’s progress and also to plan individual targets for each child. Staff value your contributions and will be happy to listen to how your child is progressing at home and will help you to understand how they develop and what steps you need to be taking to help them achieve their learning goals. Each term you will receive a copy of your child’s developmental goals with a parents observation form for you to contribute to their learning journey. If at any time you wish to discuss your child’s progress with their key worker please speak to them directly and they will be happy to make an appointment with you.

As your child starts with us or as they are transitioning into the next room you will receive a transition pack from us which gives you information about the staff, routines and additional activities and developmental milestones that go with each room to help you and your child prepare for the upcoming change. In addition to this staff will offer transition meetings between rooms which offers you the opportunity to discuss changes in care, hear about your child’s current development and meet your child’s new key person.

In the month after your child turns two a progress report will be completed by ourselves and shared with you as parents. These documents will be shared with your health visitor on your two year old check appointment and will support your visit providing healthcare professionals with an educational overview with your consent. As your child transitions into another setting a compulsory progress report will be compiled and shared with them to ensure they have a starting point for your child’s development. You will be offered a meeting and the opportunity to add your feedback before these are sent on to the new setting.

As a setting we offer an open door policy and staff members or the management team will always endeavor to make themselves available to you to answer any queries, concerns or to share your journey with you. We understand that as parents there are challenges that arise and sometimes it can feel like a lonely place – as such we are always here to support and advise as much as possible and additional home services and support needed can be offered by ourselves or signposted to the relevant services in Merton.

To enable us to support your child’s journey to best of our abilities please make sure you keep us informed of any changes to contact information, allergies or medical needs and any other ways you feel we can support your family.