We believe in creating a safe and welcoming environment where your child’s wellbeing is placed at the centre of all we do.

Children are encouraged to build their independence to care for themselves and those around them and learn many self care and good hygiene practices to support them in their daily lives. Both nurseries holds a five star rating for food and hygiene and staff are vigilant and follow strict health and safety guidelines to make sure the nursery maintains a high level of hygiene standards with extra measures in place for infection control.

Two kids looking happy and Healthy in some activities - Day care Wimbledon

In order for your child to make the most of their day at nursery it is important that they come to us fit and healthy and ready to engage with the many indoor and outdoor activities we have on offer. If your child has been unwell we ask that you support us in following our sickness and medication policies which has been created in accordance with guidance from the health protection agency. These will be made available to you on joining the nursery.

Both of our sites are completely secure with an intercom entrance at the front of each building. We have strict collection and visitors policies in place and CCTV in our offices showing the surrounding of buildings to ensure that we are aware of all individuals coming into our buildings. All staff are vetted carefully and are offered first aid and safeguarding training to ensure we maintain the safety of the children at all times. As part of this we prevent staff from using their mobile phones within the building and ask that any parents and visitors coming in to refrain from using them as well. Our safeguarding policy will be made available to parents on joining the nursery and management are happy to answer any questions.