Our kitchen team will be using their expertise to offer the children their first cooking experiences making healthy snacks and simple meals as part of their monthly activities.

Football Focus

Trained coaches come into the nursery setting once a week to offer children ball skills and other gross motor activities proving hugely popular with the children providing them with co-ordination, balancing and listening skills.

Teddy Tennis

Well we are in Wimbledon – you never know the next great player could be amongst us! Children enjoy these sessions with our coaches who offer team games and gross motor play building confidence and co-ordination.dipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


Our French tutor offers the children the opportunity to explore another language through fun games and activities providing parents with termly reports on their child’s progress.


All rooms take the children out into their local community to explore what is on offer, whether it is to enjoy the local parks in all the different seasons, as part of an activity such as cooking to select their own ingredients or linked to a larger project such as transport exploring the inside of a car engine with our local mechanics. If we are travelling further afield and using public transport we will always seek additional permission.


As we do projects that we can link to the local community or find additional companies to support we will invite visitors in such as fire and ambulance services, local artists or musicians and even whole rainforests complete with bugs have been known to inhabit our setting.


We celebrate a wide range of festivals to embrace our wide and diverse community and will often ask parents to share their cultural customs and beliefs with the children as well as taking trips to local sites such as the Buddhist temple in Wimbledon.


Across the year we hold come and play days to celebrate Mothers day and Fathers day and also hold our annual Christmas Fayre with lots of crafts and games, a visit from the nativity animals and if we’ve been really good Santa may even appear! These are fun occasions that we highly enjoy and get large parental participation for which allows us to show off all the fun things we do with the children during their time at nursery.