We are an inclusive setting that welcomes children with a range of special educational needs and values the opportunity to offer your child their first nursery experience.

Before any child with special educational needs starts the setting or as any special needs are identified we work closely with Merton Inclusion Team to ensure our practitioners have all the training and knowledge needed to support your child. You will be offered the opportunity to meet with the SENCo and the assigned key worker to make sure you feel confident in our abilities to meet the needs of your child.

New special Kids are warmly welcomed by the teachers - Wimbledon nursery schools

As a setting we have to date had experience with; reflux, coelliacs disease and other dietary conditions, social communication disorders, autism, speech and language delay, behaviour management and emotional attachment issues, hearing impaired children and cochlear implants, physical disabilities that have required wheelchair access and hoisting, respiratory support including suctioning and gastro-tube feeding.

For more information about the care and support we can offer please contact the nursery directly so we can ensure we are able to support you and your child and have all the necessary steps in place before you join the setting

For more information on Merton’s local offer to parents with children who have special needs or disabilities please go to localoffer.merton.gov.uk