What are 9 Games or Activities that Preschool Children Can Participate in?

Children learn best through play. That’s why games and activities are such an important part of any preschool and early childhood education curriculum. While on the outside many of these games may seem frivolous or silly, each one has a vital role in developing a wide range of skills children will use throughout their entire life. This includes social skills, fine motor skills, vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, and so much more.

Here are 9 tried and true games that encourage laughter, enjoyment, and development in preschoolers. 

Storytime Clap: Encourage children to clap when they hear a certain word or read a musical story that children can clap along to.

Musical Chairs: A classic game that will get their blood pumping and fill your classroom with laughter and music.

Touch and Feel Box: Get a shoebox or other small box and fill it with items to become a sensory box. Leave a hole large enough for little hands and have children feel the different items and describe what they feel like.

Red Light, Green Light: In addition to teaching children about traffic lights, this game is a fun way to get them to learn how to follow directions.

Heads Up Seven Up: This game incorporates critical thinking skills, fine motor skills, and social skills in a fun and unique way.

Tag: Who doesn’t love a game of tag? Get your students outside and have them play tag so they can get exercise and have fun with their classmates.

Duck, Duck, Goose: Another classic game that gets children interacting with each other while they learn spatial awareness and physical coordination.

Hopscotch: Using sidewalk chalk helps develop gross motor skills. Hopscotch will also teach them how to recognize numbers and follow directions.

I Spy: You or a child picks an object in the room and says, “I spy with my little eyes, something..” and they pick an adjective to describe it. Children then must guess what the object is, encouraging their critical thinking skills and how to use descriptive words.

These are just a few of the activities your child will take part in at Wimbledon Day Nursery. To help your child thrive in life, contact us today about enrollment.

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