7 Tips for Preschools to Help Kids Quickly Learn and Better Develop

One of the many challenges for Wimbledon nurseries is helping children to develop lifelong learning habits and better progress as individuals before they start school.    Wimbledon House Nursery is one of the premier day nurseries in Wimbledon focusing on early years’ development within a caring and pastoral environment.

Here are 7 ways your child can develop their learning and social skills at preschools in Wimbledon:-

  • Playing is a really important part of any child’s development and small people learn early social skills through play which fosters engagement, interaction and the concept of sharing and respecting others
  • Games and activities develop problem-solving skills, cognitive function, as well as patience and the ability to listen
  • The structure of the day develops a sense of order which children like and this is very similar to the type of structure they will have when they go to school
  • Games, storytelling and singing can introduce the concept of numbers and letters in a fun and interesting way
  • Preschools foster a sense of self and encourage independence with small tasks such as pouring their own juice, setting tables, clearing up after they have eaten, choosing which play area to go to during free play
  • Structured tasks such as crafting and nature sessions outside encourage exploration and experimentation
  • Reading, listening to children read and using story hour as a time when they can sit and listen to an adult read to them is crucial in the formative years to developing language skills

Preschools and Wimbledon nursery schools can offer children so many advantages with a structure similar to the school day and social interaction and engagement with other children plus fun and educational tasks and activities.  Many of the key aspects of early years development which forms the foundation for social and academic progression, later on, can be traced back to a successful preschool environment.

Wimbledon House Nursery offers a  warm and stimulating environment for your child where development and learning come naturally through fun and play. We are leaders amongst day nurseries in Wimbledon in advancing your child’s progression in the best way possible, through games, activities and fun.  Choose the  best of Wimbledon nurseries,  find out more on our website.

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