Tips to safeguard your children from getting ill

With schools, colleges and Universities about to return to full function in the next few weeks, keeping your children safe from disease has never been more important. Young children are unlikely to suffer any serious ill effects from Covid-19 but the fear is how much children may spread the disease, taking it into households which could have vulnerable family members. All the nursery schools in Wimbledon have introduced safe hygiene protocols after rigorous risk assessments. Wimbledon Day Nursery is one of the leading day nurseries in Wimbledon with comprehensive daily health assessments of each child.

As child care providers, we see ourselves in partnership with parents; it is a joint effort to promote child safety. Here are some of our top tips and safety precautions to safeguard your children from getting ill:-

  • Teach your children good hand washing habits from an early age, supervise their hand washing and make sure they wash their hands frequently
  • Use a proper technique when sneezing or coughing, children should cover their nose or mouth with a tissue
  • Sanitise your child’s bag and equipment when they return from nursery
  • Teach your child politely not to share snacks or drinks’ containers which can spread germs quickly. Sharing is considerate and generous but there are other safer ways to share food and drinks
  • Ensure your child takes plenty of exercise as this will boost the immune system and keep them healthy

All the nursery schools in Wimbledon have introduced robust health and hygiene protocols and safety measures to help protect your children. Wimbledon Day Nursery has been at the forefront of a joined-up strategy to link all the day nurseries in Wimbledon so we can pool resources and knowledge and help to keep all the children safe. Find out more about our progressive child care on the website

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