Nurturing creative writing skills in nursery school children

When you are looking at nursery schools in Wimbledon, it is important to select a day nursery which promotes the importance of creative writing as part of the children’s daily activities.

Creative writing has been shown to offer huge benefits to early years’ learning and older children as they progress through their education. Statistics show that creative writing even in the early pre-school age range promotes cognitive growth and development.  It can lead to strength and success later on in subjects like Maths, the Sciences and Languages.  It builds confidence and adaptability of mind essential for problem-solving skills and finding alternatives.  Many day nurseries in Wimbledon will feature storytelling as part of a day’s activities but how many of them actively promote creative writing?

The tangible benefits of creative writing

  • Creative writing encourages nursery school children to harness their imaginations which are unencumbered and fertile at this age. This can help in the development of problem-solving skills and analysis.  Ask some little ones to look at a picture of a house and think of a word to describe it that is not the same as their neighbour
  • Some children find it easier to express themselves in the written word rather than verbally so creative writing can open up a new avenue of communication
  • Creative writing engenders self-confidence through the power of individual self-expression, the validity of that child’s voice through the power of the written word
  • Creative writing builds the mechanism to convey information and a message promoting organised thought and the power of persuasion

Using project-based learning, Wimbledon Day Nursery is one of the only Nurseries in Wimbledon who have recognised the importance of creative writing and allocate space for it during the children’s daily schedule.  Creative writing can involve lots of other activities and tasks such as music, textiles and drawing and painting and is relevant to outdoor activities too such as weather topics and nature rambles.  Take a look at what Wimbledon Day Nursery can offer your child at

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