Tips for Choosing Summer Camps for Kids.

Summer is here and it’s time to pick a Summer Camp that will keep your child happy and having fun all summer long. From location to cost to your child’s interests and personality – there are several things that should factor into choosing the best summer camps for your kids. 

Here are some tips on how to choose summer camps for kids and things to consider when deciding where to send them. 

  How to Choose the Perfect Summer Camp for Kids 

  The early bird catches the worm.  

Not only is it important to choose a camp program early so you get your first choice, but some camps will also offer incentives for signing up early. When considering the overall price, also factor in costs like lunch, snacks, beverages, transportation, t-shirts, field trips, swim lessons, extra care hours, staff ratios, and anything else that might be important to you. 

  Commit to one program (if you can) 

Summer camps usually run for 6-10 weeks. Unless it’s important to you or your child to try several different camps, it might not be worth transitioning a younger child multiple times for such a short stretch.  


Location, location, location 

You may be traveling to both a summer camp for pre-schoolers and a summer camp for school-age kids, in which case you’ll probably want to keep both programs as close to each other as possible. Ask fellow parents at your child’s daycare in Wimbledon to see what their plans are for the summer. Car-pooling is always a convenient option for everyone. 

  Ask about the camp counselors  

What kind of training do the summer camp counselors receive? Are they trained in CPR/First Aid? Are background checks conducted? What are the actual backgrounds of the counselors? Is there a Registered Nurse on staff? In addition, if an activity has a specialist, what is the background required for that specialist? 

  Traditional or specialty program  

A traditional summer day camp will expose your child to a variety of different skills and fun summer camp activities. 

Whereas a specialty program is a camp that focuses on a specific skill and/or activity, such as soccer, tennis, virtual activities for kids, or gymnastics. These programs can be great if your child absolutely loves a particular activity. 

  We hope you’ve found our Wimbledon Nurseries “Tips for Choosing Summer Camps for Kids” helpful. Our Day Nurseries in Wimbledon are committed to providing the best resources and care for our students and their parents.

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