9 Tips When Administering Medication to Toddlers

Medicine and toddlers don’t really go hand in hand. Giving medicine for babies or antibiotic prescriptions for children may be necessary if a toddler gets sick.  

  So, how do you get them to take the medication without a fuss? In this article, we’ve compiled 9 innovative ways to administer medication to toddlers. 

  Try Different Delivery Methods 

If your toddler refuses to take medicine by spoon, try administering it with a dropper or an oral syringe (without a needle). 

 Reward the Toddlers 

Some toddlers will feel motivated when provided with an incentive or a reward that they can earn by taking the medicine. 

  Disguise the Flavour  

Let’s face it, most liquid medicine tastes and smells horrible. Try camouflaging the taste using appealing and strong-tasting foods or drinks to mask the flavor and smell. 

  Use a Distraction  

Try giving the medicine to them when they are distracted or occupied in an engaging task when they are least likely to register the taste of the medicine.  

  Numb the Taste Buds 

Cold foods or ice cubes (use ice chips for toddlers) are known to numb the taste buds temporarily. Give the medicine shortly after they have eaten something cold so they don’t taste the medicine as much.  

  Doctor Game 

Take turns role-playing a doctor. First, let your little one play as the doctor and give you a pretend medicine. Then, when it’s your turn, give them real medicine. They will think of it as a part of the game. 

  The Cheek Pocket Trick 

If your toddler is fussy about liquid medicine, use the oral syringe and slowly release the medicine into their cheek pocket and ask them to swallow the medicine slowly to prevent it from touching the tongue. 

  Break It Up 

Break the liquid medicine dosages into smaller portion sizes when giving them to your toddler.  

 Provide Choices 

You can give them an option to take the medicine with a spoon or a cup and decide whether or not they want to do it themselves. This gives them a feeling of control.  

  Day nurseries such as Wimbledon house nursery have the highest standards of education and daycare health and safety, but it’s inevitable that children get ill. For this reason, it’s important that children learn to take medicine so they can get healthy quickly to return to daycare without spreading the illness to others.  

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