How to Bring Out the Early Stages of Creativity in Kids

Young children have a tremendous capacity for creativity that can be seen in their artwork, playtime interactions with friends or siblings, and imagination. However, as parents, it’s also important to cultivate the creativity of a child at the early stages of their development so they can reach their full creative potential. 

The key challenge is not how to “teach” creativity to children, but rather how to create a fertile environment in which their creativity will take root, grow, and flourish. 

Here are four ways that can help bring out the early stages of creativity in kids.  


A child’s curiosity and imagination are apparent at a very young age, however, sometimes they need a little guidance. So, it’s a great idea to show examples to spark ideas because a blank page, canvas, or screen can be overwhelming. Examples will give them a sense of what’s possible and provide ideas on how to get started. 

  Hands-on Projects 

To engage children in creative activities having hands-on activities is great, they should also have a variety of materials to work with for drawing, building, crafting, and using simple technology. Young children can easily learn about the creative process through Lego building, making jewelry, painting, or creating with tech devices. Encouraging children to create with a variety of materials, can develop your child’s skills for creating.


Create projects by playing with tools, methods, and materials to encourage experimentation. As children work on projects, highlight the process, not just the final product. Creativity is a fluid process, not structured. By giving children the freedom to experiment they become more creative.  


Part of developing creativity in kids is developing thought processes. In addition to completing a creative project, it’s good to have them reflect on their experiences by asking questions like “How did you come up with the idea for this project?”. The question prompts them to reflect on what motivated and inspired them and provides an opportunity for growth 

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