Supporting Relationships with Puppets, Books, and Pets

Most good nurseries are all about developing a child’s social engagement and have plenty of activities centered around early years learning skills. Wimbledon Day Nursery is one of the leading day nurseries in Wimbledon. Choose the best amongst Wimbledon nurseries for your child’s key early years. Wimbledon Day Nursery is consistently rated as one of the most outstanding nurseries in Wimbledon.

Basic manners for children

Learning basic manners is a key element for all children in the nursery setting. Children have to learn to be polite and considerate to one another and to also be courteous to and respect the adults who are in charge of them. A huge amount of a child learning manners is based upon example. If children see adults not saying please and thank you and not being polite to one another then this is what they will copy. Conversely, if children are led by example then this is a huge addition to what they are learning in structured play sessions.

What role do activities play in teaching children about manners and respect?

Most child care services develop children’s social and emotional skills using educational and fun activities. Books and puppets can play a huge part in this.

Stories allow children to not only develop their vocabulary but also to learn about human relationships, both good and bad. Puppet shows are a more visual example of the same thing. Children can explore relationships using puppetry as the medium and they can create their own stories and puppet shows using pure imagination.

What role do pets play in early years development?

Pets have a huge part to play in a child’s development. Pets teach children to be aware of the needs of someone other than themselves. Pets don’t judge, they view all children as the same so children who are struggling with learning, physical or emotional issues will especially benefit from the influence of quiet animals.

Pets teach children the importance of the wider world and nature. They sow the seeds of a broader environmental awareness particularly if the nursery is able to access more exotic species.

Choose one of the most outstanding nurseries in Wimbledon. Wimbledon Day Nursery is one of the premier day nurseries in Wimbledon with a long history of providing children with the best early start in life. Pick the best amongst Wimbledon nurseries for your child.

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