Addressing The Social and Emotional Needs of Teachers and Parents

Choosing the right nursery usually focuses entirely on the needs of the child, quite naturally, however, what about the needs of the parents? A good question to also ask is how are the emotional needs of the nursery teachers met on a day-to-day basis? A nursery is only as good as the staff within it. Wimbledon Day Nursery is one of the leading nurseries in Wimbledon providing holistic care which addresses the needs of parents and nursery staff as well as the children. This is one of the things that marks us out amongst Wimbledon nurseries. Choose the best out of all the day nurseries in Wimbledon for your child.

What makes a good nursery?

When parents view a nursery for their child, much of the focus is on the space available, the environment and the range of equipment and toys. Questions may also extend to issues about activities and menus and dietary requirements but there are other factors which are key to choosing a good nursery for your child.

Questions about staff inevitably focus on the ratio of staff to children but dig a little deeper. A child’s social and emotional development is not just based upon their interaction with other children but their relationships with staff members. Positive role models with good communication skills can really enhance the experience and development of the children. Insight from education professionals reveals that interaction with adults in the nursery setting can act as a positive structure for how children engage with grown-ups other than their own parents. It sets the early framework for later relationships with teachers and is a crucial part of social development which is often overlooked in favour of peer group engagement.

Language skills

Language skills in a child’s early years are a crucial tool in developing cognitive function and the ability to communicate. Speech and language are the key foundation stone of early education and a crucial part of this is developing vocabulary. Most nurseries have speech sessions, but vocabulary can be developed in lots of different activities: –

  • Introducing colour vocabulary during painting and drawing sessions
  • Extending vocabulary on nature rambles and outdoor activities
  • Stretching vocabulary and introducing new words during story time
  • Introducing word games as part of play activities

Wimbledon Day Nursery is one of the leading nurseries in Wimbledon, prioritising your child’s happiness and educational development with better care and a more far-reaching programme than other day nurseries in Wimbledon. Choose the premier amongst Wimbledon nurseries for your child’s key start in life.

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