What are some goals for pre-schoolers?

While you don’t want to put too much pressure on a child too early, there are certain milestones and goals you should aim for when you enroll your child in preschool. These goals should focus on skills and foundations for skills that they will use throughout school and their later years. By starting early, you will be giving your child the best start in life.

Fine Motor Skills Development: Fine motor skills are the smaller and more complex movements children make with their fingers and hands. You can develop these skills with activities like stacking blocks or using safety scissors to cut shapes.

Gross Motor Skills Development: Gross motor skills are those that involve the use of muscles. For children, this means the larger movements they make with their limbs or entire body. Preschool is an ideal time for them to learn spatial awareness and how to use gross motor skills.

Hand-Eye Coordination Development: Hand-eye coordination is something adults rarely think about, but for children, this is an ongoing skill they are developing. To help children complete a task using their eyes and hands together, play catch or use a child’s bowling set.

Recognize Numbers: Young children may be able to count to ten, but would they recognize those numbers when written down? Try playing hopscotch or other number games to teach children how to recognize the numbers they already know.

Recognize the Importance of Physical Activity: These days it’s more important than ever to encourage children to develop a love of physical activity that they will carry with them throughout their lifetimes. Many of the games that foster growth and development in children are physically active, incorporating physical activity, skill-boosting, and physical activity.

Social Skills: Preschool is often the first time children are in a large group of their peers. They will need to learn cooperation, language, and interpersonal skills that they will continue to use throughout their life.

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