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Living in the capital, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to education. Now that your child has reached nursery school age, you are probably researching which nursery school in London to send your child to. Not only are you debating which one will be best suited to your child’s needs, but you might be wondering what exactly preschool education will do for your child.

What Do Nursery Schools Offer?

  • Social and Emotional Development: Nursery schools teach children how to engage with their peers and with adults. It can be hard for children to learn empathy given how sheltered their first years are, but nursery school allows them to learn empathy, sharing, and recognising other people’s emotions.

  • Physical Development: Motor skills are constantly developing in early childhood so nursery schools aim to help children hone those skills through games, arts and crafts, and other activities. Whether indoor or outdoor (or both!), allowing children to play and create helps foster their imagination and their fine motor skills.

  • Communication Skills: Children must be taught how to effectively and appropriately communicate their needs in a non-disruptive way. While they need to be given the opportunity to gain confidence, they do need to learn how to listen and contribute to conversations. In this way they can learn about those around them, whilst also learning emotional control that will help them throughout their lives.

  • Basic Academic Foundations: To prepare children for their academic careers, nursery schools promote literacy, maths, and problem solving through fun activities. These might include story time, imaginative play, counting games, and creative writing. Studies have shown children who enter primary school with basic literacy and maths skills have a higher level of academic success. 

All of these skills are taught in a creative, imaginative way that at first glance may not seem as structured as it is. However, every game and activity has your child’s development in mind. By teaching children in a more relaxed, supportive environment, children will become more well-rounded and will build the foundations they need to succeed in school and beyond.

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