6 Ways to Encourage Social Development in Children

We all want our children to achieve their maximum potential and live happy, fulfilling lives. In addition to providing them with love and encouragement to help them grow, children should be given support and freedom to develop their social skills.

1. Guidance for Imaginative Play

Children imitate what they see in the world around them and imaginative play helps them see themselves within their environment in a fun way. When engaging in imaginative play with others, they have the time and space to develop social and problem solving skills.

2. Create Space

Children need a space for unstructured free-play. It can be hard for parents but stepping back allows children the freedom to naturally develop their social and cognitive skills.

3. Model Positive Communication

Children can be very perceptive, but they can struggle when it comes to recognising how others are feeling. One of the best ways of teaching emotion is by pointing it out. For instance, if someone is happy, you can say, “See how Daddy is smiling? That means he’s happy!”

4. Honour Differences in Personality

Children are curious creatures and can often be blunt. That’s why it’s essential they learn that everyone is different in their own way. For instance, just because your child likes to do things a certain way this doesn’t mean their friend will too. Our differences are what makes us unique!

5. cbDiscuss Stories Together

Story time, watching tv shows, or going to a performance are fantastic ways for children to stimulate their imagination. Go further by talking about the experience afterward, pointing out the personality traits of the characters or how certain situations were handled. This permits children to put what they have experienced into an approachable context.

6. Seek Insight from Education Professionals

Books, websites, and message boards are common platforms for the modern parent to learn about fun activities and child development. You should also discuss these things with your childcare provider. They are a wealth of knowledge and often know your child well enough to provide tailored advice.

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