5 Reasons Why Preschool is Good for Your Child

Preschool is far more than a place where children get to play with other children their age. Research has shown that children who graduate from preschool are more likely to have full, successful lives. This is because preschool sets the building blocks children need for not just schooling, but for their daily lives and their eventual careers.

1. Foundation for Learning

Children learn by seeing and by playing. By enrolling your child in preschool, you are giving them a chance to interact with other children their age in a less academic environment. This will associate school in a more positive light, which helps build the foundations for a lifelong appreciation for learning.

2. Opportunity for Kids

You may look at a boisterous, colourful preschool classroom and think that it is less like a school than it is just organised playtime. However, everything done in a preschool is an opportunity for kids to hone the motor, social, and emotional skills that will prepare them for life.

3. Elementary School

Children are experiencing more academic pressure from an earlier age. Through the activities in preschool, children are given social, pre-math, and pre-literacy skills that will allow them a more seamless entry into grade school and primary education.

4. Child Develops Socially and Emotionally

Young children are often limited in their exposure to other children and adults so being thrust into elementary school can be an overwhelming experience. At preschool, children are taught how to make friends, cooperate with others, and to listen and appreciate those around them.

5. Numerous Questions

Why, why, why? Every parent has been hit with a series of ‘Why?’ questions from their young child. As children develop their cognitive skills, they begin to have many questions about their environment. In a preschool setting, we aim to answer this curiosity through activities that make learning accessible for them. They are encouraged not only to ask questions, but to try new things and to learn about solving problems. 

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