Why Is Nursery School the Most Important Step in the Education of a Child

Attending a good nursery or preschool has more impact on a child’s academic progress than their gender or family background, educational researchers have discovered. A study from the Institute of Education found that the quality of early learning exposure is more important than either gender or family income and can give a child’s development a significant boost. Pick the leader amongst Wimbledon nursery schools, Wimbledon Day Nursery, one of the premier nursery schools in Wimbledon.  A frontrunner amongst Wimbledon nurseries, see how happy our children are, enjoying learning and development in caring surroundings all revolving around fun and play.

The Effective Provision of Pre-School Education is a study which tracked nearly 3,000 children from the time they started preschool or nursery education through to age 11. The study’s findings reinforced the premise that a nursery school is the most important step in the education of a child, a claim that is made by many day nurseries in the UK. Nurseries in the UK have also long stated that a good nursery school can benefit disadvantaged children. This study also found that a quality nursery or preschool is of particular benefit to children with special educational needs and for children who come from unstimulating home environments.

Children who have a stimulating and productive early years education supported by a more academically effective primary school show better attainment in Key Stage 2 (age 7 to 11) and this boost is magnified in the case of very disadvantaged children.  This is why so many parents in the UK prioritize a good quality nursery school when they are choosing somewhere to live.

Home Matters Too

A stimulating learning environment within the home at around age 3-4 is linked to long-term gains in a child’s development confirming the powerful partnership between a good quality nursery and a strong, home background when it comes to empowering children’s learning.

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