Introduction – Child Development During Nursery Education

If you are researching nurseries in Wimbledon, you may be wondering what role child development has in nursery education.  Research has shown that young children are far more cognitively and emotionally aware than was previously thought. Even as infants, children are taking in their surroundings and learning about the world so it is vitally important that children are engaged in ways that fosters their development.

Child development focuses on nurturing children in a way that will have positive life-long impacts. Strong early childhood development provides the stepping stones a child needs to have a happy, successful, and productive life. That is why child development focuses on physical skills, language, and social and emotional growth.

All of these abilities influence each other so it is important that children learn in a way that involves a comprehensive approach. As a child’s brain develops, so does their capacity for motor skills. When both of these aspects of growth are stimulated effectively, children can explore their environments and how they respond to it emotionally and physically.

There are many ways to approach child development, but one of the fundamental steps is having a safe, nurturing environment that children can effectively learn and grow in. When viewing a potential nursery in Wimbledon, there are some key safety factors you should look for.

Safety Features in a Nursery

  • Most nursery accidents are from trips and falls so the flooring should be clear, clean, and in good condition.
  • Large and heavy items should be secure
  • Plug sockets covered
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order
  • Evacuation procedures are in place with easily accessible exits
  • The curriculum should include teaching children safe practices like how to carry scissors or washing hands before eating

A child’s developmental growth is determined by many factors, but studies show that it is important that they have adults in their lives who are knowledgeable and supportive. That is why so many parents choose Wimbledon Day Nursery for their children. We pride ourselves on our safe, nurturing, and comprehensive approach to childhood development. To learn more about how we can help your child grow, contact us today.

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