Importance of Day Care for Child Health & Safety

Health and safety is an important part of early childhood education. Not only is it important that the facility you trust to care for your child is up to standard, but learning aspects of health and safety will ensure your child develops good lifestyle habits. Wimbledon Day Nurseries not only has tips, but we put these tips into practice. 

When researching day nurseries in Wimbledon, a facility’s health and safety record is one of the first things you should look into. A clean nursery is more inviting and establishes an atmosphere that successfully fosters child development. Clean surfaces also prevent the spread of germs and illness, something we are all concerned about now more than ever. Reviewing the daycare’s Nursery Safety Checklist is a good way to see what practices are in place to create a safe, fun, and healthy environment.

Some of the steps that should be on a Nursery Safety Checklist include:

  • Electrical outlets are protected and covered
  • Exterior doors are secure
  • An evacuation plan with visible and accessible emergency exits
  • Working smoke and carbon dioxide detectors
  • A good first aid kit and certification in CPR and first aid
  • Heavy items are secured and the floors are free of clutter
  • Pickup and drop-off procedures 

Extending health and safety practices into the curriculum is something many people may not expect from early childhood education, but by doing so children will develop good cleaning, nutrition, and hygiene habits. Young children are by nature very curious and active so it is important to allow children the freedom to explore and develop while also learning how to stay safe. Children often learn by seeing, so watching adults practice health and safety is a strong way to teach these skills.     

At Wimbledon Day Nursery, children are emboldened to care for their surroundings, themselves, and those around them. Our approach is based on allowing children to use all their senses to achieve independence and learn personal responsibility. Because each child develops self-confidence differently, all learning is done in a positive atmosphere that champions diversity. We can also provide nursery tips for parents to ensure your child can implement all they have learned at home.

Of all day nurseries in Wimbledon, Wimbledon Day Nursery can provide a nurturing, empowering, and inclusive environment for your child to thrive. Contact us today to discuss your child’s future.

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