6 Games for Children to Improve Their Intelligence

Play is a great way to keep toddlers busy and entertained, but playing isn’t always about fun, It a learning tool that helps develop essential lifelong skills. Playing comes with a range of different benefits from cognitive growth to emotional and behavioural benefits. At Wimbledon nursery school our staff are dedicated to helping your children build confidence and brain development while having fun. We have a list of 6 brain games for students that will help improve their intelligence and help raise well-rounded children. These 6 games are perfect for nursey and at home.

1. Music
Get up and get moving! Dancing encourages children to experiment and find different paths to solve problems, it’s also builds creativity, and it can be a great way to express oneself.

Head, shoulders knees and toes are a great way to teach kids basic body parts.

2. Duck, Duck, Goose
This classic favourite kid’s game will help teach strategic thinking. The game involved children sitting around in a circle, and one child walks around the outside tapping each head and saying “duck”. Eventually they pick a one child to be the “goose” and run around the circle to try to take that child’s place before the “goose” catches them.

3. Simon Says
Simon says is a great way for kids to learn to pay close attention to instruction. The game involved one child asks their peers to perform a silly action by saying “Simon says” then the other kids will do the action as long as the leader says, “Simon Says”.

4. Storytelling
Hitting the books and reading to children will help to sharpen their language and vocabulary. It also requires kids to listen and pay attention for a long period of time

5. Drawing
Getting children to draw on a blank piece of paper is a perfect way to stimulate their imagination and their creativity. It allows emotional growth by giving kids the opportunity to express their feelings by drawing their fears, love, and happiness that some children find difficult to express.

6. Dress- Up and Role Play
Let children loose with a bunch of dressing-up clothes and props and watch their imagination run wild. Dressing up gives kids permission to pretend to be someone else or something different, they imitate the character mannerisms and create their own personality trained based on that character or theme, it allows them to practice different emotions and stimulates imagination.

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