Important Hygiene Tips Your Children Should Learn in Day Care Nurseries

Good personal hygiene practices for children are an essential part of their development, this will help ward off disease and encourage hygiene habits that they carry through life.

Opportunities to learn in nursery for positive hygiene habits are vital at protecting children’s immune system so they can fight off infections.  Whenever children touch somethings, deadly microorganism can transfer to their hand which could cause bad viral infections but having good personal hygiene habits not only protects children from harmful germs, but it helps keep them clean, fresh, and smelling good. Day care Wimbledon nursery encourage children to form healthy habits with consistency and fun.

Hygiene tips

Washing hands – Around 80% of all disease are spread by touching, which is why correct hand washing is so important for both staff and children. Most of the time little ones will want to get back to playing and barley get their hands wet or do not wash their hands at all. At Wimbledon day nursery caregivers encourage children to wash their hands while singing a 15 second song, this is a standard amount of time they need to give their hands a good wash and have fun while doing it.  Hand washing is mandatory after using the toilet, before eating and after playing outside.

Covering mouth – From an early start child are taught to cover their mouth when they cough. They are also taught to wipe their nose with a clean tissue and not with their clothes. This will not only stop the spread of germs but keep their clothes clean.

To not share cutlery – Despite the saying, sharing is not always caring. Nursery students are taught how sharing cups and eating utensils is an easy way to spread germs and cause illness. They are also taught to understand what they can and cannot share for hygiene purposes.

Cleaning the classroom – All students should regularly help with cleaning the classroom by putting away toys and throwing away rubbish to ensure a clean environment for them to learn.

Oral hygiene –Students are taught the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day through games where they can through play.

Consistency –Students are reminded regularly by our staff of the importance of personal hygiene. Consistency will help form healthy habits and stop any bad habits.


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