8 Activities to Try for Enhancing your Child’s Skill Development

Regular playing is an enjoyable and natural way for kids to stay well, be active, and feel happy. Free plays, including those practised in nurseries in Wimbledon, allow young children to have a consistently healthy development. Children need a variety of play opportunities as soon as they come into the world until they reach their teenage years.

A report from Nidirect revealed that play is an essential activity for children’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional well-being. Every time they play in a nursery in Wimbledon, the kids will learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Here are eight activities that Wimbledon nurseries can use to enhance the child’s skills development.

1: Experiment with Texture 

Young children are naturally sensory learners who enjoy touching, tasting and smelling everything around them to understand the world. Nursery school educators may use textured learning aids in decorating letters and numbers.

2: Incorporate Dancing in Nursery Learning 

Celebrations of events in school also involve holding indoor dance parties. Dancing is an excellent gross motor practice that allows kids to develop balance and coordination, and motor sequencing skills.

3: Playground Play 

Playing on the playground offers plenty of benefits for early learners. The swings will let them develop balance, while obstacle courses help them to learn coordination.

4: Bubble Play 

Playing with balloons and bubbles is one of the unique ways to develop gross motor skills. Since you cannot predict where the bubbles go, children will have fun chasing after them in various direction.

5: Obstacle Courses

Nurseries encourage kids to get moving and challenge their balance by letting them play on obstacle courses. They can use props like furniture and pillows indoors or hula-hoops outdoors.

6: Ride A Tricycle/Scooter

Strengthen a child’s motor skills by teaching them to ride a trike or scooter. These are the first steps to learn how to ride a bike later on in life.

7: Join Martial Arts Classes 

Training young children in martial arts help in developing their arms and legs. It also helps strengthen their balance and know where their body parts lie in space.

8: Teach Them Hopscotch

This popular nursery school play requires jumping and hopping. It helps in developing strong gross motor skills, coordination, and balance.

Most nursery schools in Wimbledon incorporate free play in their curriculum. They also know the importance of sports events in young children’s lives to encourage free play. Keep this in mind when it is time to look for the perfect nursery school.

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