Home Nursery vs Pre-school Nursery: What is the Best Option?

Sending young children to school is one of the first major milestones that your children will encounter in their life’s journey. Their first years in school will shape how they view their pursuit of education in the coming years. But due to the current social landscape, early learning in places like London’s Wimbledon area had to undergo drastic changes. Plenty of schools and day nurseries Wimbledon had to close down due to Covid-19 restrictions. It required parents to take charge of educating their kids.

The only difference between the centre-based Wimbledon nurseries and home-based nurseries is the location. The centre-based pre-schools nursery facilities operate in a commercial space, while a Wimbledon Day nursery occurs inside a residential property.

But with any government restrictions or not, most parents would want to know which is the better option between home-based pre-school nursery facilities and centre-based pre-schools Education facilities. But the answer lies in the type of childcare you are looking for.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both the home nursery and pre-school to help you decide which one fits your family’s needs.

Perks of a Home Nursery Setting

There are plenty of advantages when placing your child in a home-based nursery. First, it will let you keep track of your child’s educational development. It will allow you to choose the type of curriculum that you will teach your child.

Home-based nursery teaching will also let you put your focus and undivided attention to your child. It will also let you have more opportunities to do more messy sensory activities with the kid.

Most importantly, a home-based nursery setting also allows you to save a significant amount of money since it will allow you to avoid transportation and other expenses. It will also allow you and the child to learn more without a stressful schedule.

Perks of Centre-Based Nursery Setting

If you enrol your child in a pre-school facility, it will encourage your early learner to adhere to a regular schedule. It will allow them to develop a routine that will benefit them in their adult years.

Studying in centre-based nurseries in Wimbledon, for example, also allows your child to develop social skills and develop independence at a young age.

Both early education options provide benefits for the child. You only need to look for the best pre-school option that will suit the need of your child and your family.

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