Easy Ways to Help Kids Keep Active

Children are naturally most active, but in today’s modern world of technology, tablets, apps and television, it is easy to let children fall into a sedentary lifestyle at a young age. But what can you do to promote healthy activities when excessive screen time and time spent indoors have become the norm? At our Wimbledon nurseries, we have found alot of simple, organic activities that promote physical and emotional well-being in a simple way.

Outdoor Walks

Children love to explore their surroundings. Come rain or shine, children spend time in one of our gardens every day of the week to enjoy the seasons and play in fresh air. You only need to wait for a short while to see children that they cannot resist running, jumping, and skipping when outside. Whether they’ve spotted something new and exciting, or simply can’t wait to move on to the next activity, children don’t stay still for long.

On outdoor walks, children can enjoy splashing in puddles, chasing falling leaves, or stomping through the snow. Children want to seek out new experiences and at our nurseries in Wimbledon we are lucky to have a rich community to introduce them to at a young age.

Playing Games

For young children, games do not need to be complicated. Catching, throwing, kicking, chasing and dancing all raise their heart rates and provide an outlet for their physical energy. Kicking a ball in the garden with your child can be all that is needed to keep them active and engaged


Many people choose to take their child swimming from a young age. Swimming promotes bonding between parents and their children even in infancy. Swimming is a great form of exercise and as your child gets older you may even be keen to book them in for lessons.

At our Wimbledon nurseries, you can be sure that we take care of your children and include plenty of active play within their days. Whether that activity occurs instinctively, or as part of a football or tennis class, children learn to love an active lifestyle with us.

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