Why “Play” is an Important Part of Preschool?

We all know that children love to play but what we may not realise is that when children play, they are also learning about the world around them. As part of our nursery schools in Wimbledon, we make sure that play is a big part of every preschool child’s day, allowing them to learn and develop whilst having fun with their friends.

The Benefits of Play in Preschool

Play not only allows children to have fun but also promotes healthy physical development and healthy brain development. Children who play regularly find their self-esteem boosted, and are able to build healthy relationships with other children and adults.

Types of Play

Due to the success of Wimbledon day nursery, we operate across two sites which are situated opposite each other. At our nurseries in Wimbledon, children can choose from a wide range of activities and toys, and also take part in more structured sessions throughout their day with us.

For our children entering the preschool room, we begin to focus on getting ready for school. Although this might sound formal, our focus is still very much on play. Activities might include specific sports, including tennis, singing, playing games, learning letters and sounds or cooking. In all of the activities, our staff ensure there is an educational element that children are more likely to learn and remember through play.

At our Wimbledon nurseries, we are pleased to offer football, French, and regular outings for the children. We also celebrate a wide range of festivals to show them the diverse community that we live in. Through art, singing and cookery, children begin to understand differences and similarities, and the importance of celebrating our uniqueness.

We understand that you might like to see, in person, how our children learn through play. To visit our nursery schools in Wimbledon, including our preschool provision, please call to book an appointment.

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