Simple Yet Stimulating Daytime Activities For Children

Choosing a nursery for your child can feel like a daunting task, but at Wimbledon Day Nursery, your child’s needs, happiness and emotional security are always our priority. We pride ourselves on offering stimulating day-care activities that are fun for children and maximise their development.

Nurseries Wimbledon

From our convenient Wimbledon location, we can offer your child a flying start with our stimulating activities. Some of our daycare activities include French, football and cooking; promoting a wide range of interests in children. As a parent, you will see the difference in their gross and fine motor skills and their communication building day by day.

Garden Nursery

We have three outdoor spaces, and our children enjoy playing outside in all weathers. We wrap up warm in the winter and enjoy shaded spots in the summer. Being outside gives children the freedom to explore the outside world, and our staff can help children begin to understand the changing seasons and spot local wildlife. One of our gardens is a nature garden with a woodwork area, giving new, natural experiences to children.

Sensory Room

We are pleased to have a sensory room available to our children. Children can explore different colours, sounds and textures from within the safety of the nursery, beginning to understand what their senses are telling them. This simple, stimulating activity is very popular.

Welly Walks

Children from all rooms at our Wimbledon nurseries can collect fallen leaves, smell newly blossomed flowers, and stomp in muddy puddles. Our staff can introduce them to the local area and begin to shape their understanding of the wider world.

Day Nursery Near Me

We are conveniently located within Wimbledon and we offer teddy tennis to our children. Our experienced coaches help children have fun and watch as their gross motor and co-ordination skills develop.

Day Nurseries Wimbledon

We pride ourselves on providing a stimulating, safe environment for your child to grow. Until the time comes for them to leave for the next step of their journey at school, we help children celebrate cultural events and celebratory events throughout the year. Children leave Wimbledon Day Nursery with a thirst for learning and a good understanding of the world around them, and we are delighted to offer a multitude of stimulating daycare activities whilst children are in our care.

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