5 Essential Parenting Tips To Get More Exercise To Your Child

How can we get our kids moving? This question haunts every parent now and then during this era of digitisation. The children and adolescents participate in at least one hour of moderate to vigorous physical movement every day. The great news is exercise comes in multiple forms and can be made a fun thing! With a little creativity, you can quickly add some enjoying physical activity to your style of parenting.

Lead the way
You need to set a right example. Kids, especially the younger ones, naturally follow their mom and dad. So you must make sure you are also looking after your health correctly and prioritising the physical activity in your life.

Do it together
In today’s busy world; we need to ensure that we are spending quality time with our kids. What better way than being active together. Since kids can’t be alone roaming the neighborhood all by themselves, parents should play with them.

Make it fun
Put on some music and dance. Play rollerblade, tag, hide and seek. Provide them with advanced toys that encourage them to stay active while enjoying. Bikes, baseball bats, scooters, hockey sticks and will get your kids moving and active. For preschool children, rid able toys that push them to get busy in physical activity such as big wheels, tricycles, and pedal cars are always a great parenting choice.

Cheer them on
Create a positive environment with strong encouragement and support. Help them find sports and physical activities which build their confidence. Attend their sports events and let them know you are their greatest fan either they win or lose.

Turn it off
We should limit the time our kids watch TV and play video games. But make sure you do it positively. You need to balance your reaction while maintaining the qualitative communication with them. Allow TV time during designated hours, preferably after completing the homework, and physical activity is finished.

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