7 Tips for Settling Children into Child Care

Childcare is a boon for parents that have active careers and cannot give much time to look after their children all day long. But, settling the small children in nurseries is not an as easy task as it seems. There are many nurseries in Wimbledon that offer quality child care services. After interviewing their expert staff, we have formulated some tips for the parents to help them settle their kids in nurseries.

  • Talk
    Few of months before starting the transition visit chat with your child about where several people go during the day, and why. Talk to your kid about the fact that one day they will go to a beautiful place called child care and the sorts of things that they will enjoy there.
  • Read
    Read nice stories about kids starting child care. Some excellent examples are Adam’s Daycare written by Julie Ovenell-Carter, Yoyo Goes to Playgroup written by Jeannette Rowe and Jojo goes to Playgroup by Christina Meissen.
  • Visit
    Start visiting the child care centre a few weeks, or even months, before your child starts to care. If you can manage it, start with small visits with one parent staying in daycare the whole time. The visits can help the kids to have a feel of home.
  • Use transition objects
    Taking an object like toy or pillow from home helps children to feel quite safe and secure. It can be a teddy or any other toy that reminds them of their sweet home. You can also take a picture that the kid has drawn lately, or a photo of recent experience in their life like a trip to the zoo or Grandma’s birthday. This helps them to focus on something concrete on the drive to nursery in Wimbledon and at the time of separation.
  • Give some control to your Kid
    Giving your child some amount of control over their day to help them to feel more affirming of the things that they can’t control. Let them choose their clothes or breakfast sometimes.

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