Must-know Tips to Raise a Happy Child

One of the common hurdles that parents face is regarding raising their kids to be happy. Every kid’s temperament is unique, and parents want the best for their kids, and they want them to enjoy life. The experienced staff of Wimbledon Day Nursery in Wimbledon shares their advice on the five things that will help your child to have a happy childhood.

Loving parents who demonstrate love for each other and their children set their children on the path of having a happy childhood. Love makes kids feel safe and happy. Tell your children every day how much you love them. Be loving and free with your hugs, and inspire your kids to share their emotions too.

Making some time for the kids daily is another way of showing love. Kids need time with parents. The kids who grow up the happiest and most secure are those who get the most parental time. Just a daily hangout time in the evening or a weakly tradition reading a bedtime story or going to get ice cream in the park is highly valuable to your kid. It’s critical to set aside time every day for each of your kids.

Validation and Praise
Children want their feelings to be heard, respected and validated. Taking a moment and validating a kid’s feelings goes a long way in teaching them to identify and manage their emotions as they grow up.

One must understand the fundamental difference between a child’s basic rights and privileges is crucial to creating a happy child. Protect the rights of the children, but teach them that privileges should always be earned with good behavior. This goes a long way in motivating kids, teaching responsibility, teaching self-regulation.

Limited Exposure to Violence
Kids shouldn’t always live in a safety bubble, but violent TV or video games can create stress and anxiety. Small children need the reassurance that their parents will look after and protect them. When your kids get scared after watching something violent assure help them to understand it and tell them they are safe.

At Wimbledon day nursery in Wimbledon, we believe that paramount to a child’s happy and healthy growth is proper caring and warm, homely environment. Such environment makes them feel comfortable to fully express themselves and thus build self-confidence and develop their individuality. While at Wimbledon day nursery, your kid is as valuable to us as he or she is to you.

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