4 Things to Know While Feeding Toddlers

Every time you will see a meal in process at your kid’s day care in Wimbledon, you will be. 15 little kids all sitting down quietly and eating the same exact meal, with very minimal fussing and noise if any. How do they do it?! The disciplined routine with regularly following a set of rules can make it happen. Here are five interesting things to help you while feeding your toddlers.

  1. Always have a few items in any meal.

Snacks are usually 1-2 items, and lunches are typically 3-4, but they are smooth sides that offer safety nets for the kids without creating much extra work for the staff. So a kid’s lunch might be sliced peaches, burritos, and milk. Or green beans, spaghetti, clementines, and water. The purpose is that there is at least one item every child will like, even if they don’t like the main dish.

  1. Institute a routine.

The familiarity and predictability of the everyday routine and rituals around every meal make the kids feel at ease when the food shows up. This is natural at a day care facility than it is at home, but even having a little routine can help. Have your kid to help you set the table, sing a little song, then eat. Or thoroughly wash hands, choose a drink, say a prayer, then eat.

  1. Interact with your kids during the meal.

It can be quite tempting to multitask during meals, so you can either sit right with the children and eat too, or engage them in interesting conversation while helping others with extra servings, napkins, or drink refills. The children know that the teachers are paying attention and that they aren’t doing anything else, which helps to keep most behaviour in check.

  1. Have a master list of meals and snacks.

Usually, the day care rotates through a five-week calendar of meals. Most of those meals appear regularly. This helps the various foods to be familiar and to feel comfortable, even if they aren’t things that are usually eaten when the kid is at home. It might help you to make a list of all of the meals that your family loves, so you have something to consult when you are deciding what’s for dinner, then serve those meals regularly. You can take the advice of the children and include their favourite items in the meal once or twice a week.

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