4 Essential Types of Hygiene Your Kid Must Follow

Your child always must be clean and germ-free to be healthy. Wimbledon Day Nursery advises you to begin coaching your toddler about personal hygiene by teaching him the value of cleanliness. Next, move on to bathing and familiarise him/her with other kinds of personal hygiene.

Hygiene is essential not only for the sake of a clean appearance but also to safeguard against tons of diseases and infections. Your toddler is too young to realise the significance of hygiene, and so the responsibility of keeping him clean lies with you. This blog deals with tips you must follow to ensure your toddler is clean.

Oral hygiene
Your toddler’s oral hygiene is crucial as it lays the foundation for his/hers overall hygiene. Ensure your toddler brushes teeth twice a day and teach him/her to floss. Take them to the dentist regularly. You must work on developing these habits in your kids early in life. So, your kids can avoid several health issues, including bad breath, heart disease and cavities.

Food hygiene
If your kid eats with his/her hands, again, it poses the danger of bacterial infection due to many reasons. He/she may not wash his/her hands before the meal, or they may pick up bits of food off the floor. Also, tell them how important it is to eat food which is fresh and hygienically prepared. Teach your children to wash his hands thoroughly before eating. Teach him to wipe spill over and keep the dining table thoroughly clean. He/she may not seem to comprehend what you say, but these lessons will stand him in good stead.

Storing food
Hygiene also involves proper storage of food. It is essential to teach your child that cooked food, fruit and vegetables must be refrigerated or stored in clean and dry places so that they do not get spoiled. Explain how certain foods, like the popsicle should not be kept open and stored. Teach them about foods that can be stored and those that can’t.

Hand hygiene
Washing hands is the most critical part of your child’s hygiene routine. They must know how important it is for them to wash their hands before and after eating. Teach them to wash their hands clean with soap after playing in the dirt or with pets, being in contact with an infected person, using the toilet and cleaning his nose. There is no better way to eradicate germs.

At Wimbledon Day Nursery, we offer a safe and welcoming environment to the children. Our skilled and experienced teachers teach your kids the ways of hygiene and to maintain cleanliness. Many parents in Wimbledon trust us and prefer us for our quality care, reliability and cost-efficient services.

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