What is the difference between nursery and pre-nursery?

Not all Wimbledon nursery schools offer the same childcare and the names, pre-school and nursery school can be used interchangeably, causing a lot of confusion to new parents looking for early years care for their child. If you are looking for childcare amongst day nurseries in Wimbledon, then Wimbledon House nursery should be your first port of call. From three months through to busy pre-schoolers, we are at the forefront of Wimbledon nurseries with leading and experienced childcare which welcomes all children.

The similarities between nursery schools and pre-schools

Both pre-schools and nursery schools offer childcare for children older than infants. The age of entry will depend upon the individual school. Some nurseries and pre-schools require children to be toilet trained whereas others will accept babies from three months’ old, sometimes even younger. Nursery schools and pre-schools can be run publicly or privately and normally all follow similar rules on required vaccinations and handling illnesses.

What makes nursery schools different?

Some nursery schools will have infant or baby rooms that will accept children as young as three months, sometimes even as small as six weeks’ old. These children often stay with the nursery school moving up to the toddler areas and then into the pre-school section before heading off to school. Some nursery schools also accept school-aged children for after school care.

Nursery school opening hours usually reflect normal business hours so commonly 8 am to 6 pm to accommodate parents who work 9-5. Nursery schools will also usually offer a full menu so breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Care can be part or full time.

In the UK, nursery schools need to be registered with the Office for Standards in Education.

What makes pre-schools different?

Pre-schools tend to accept children who are older and just on the point of going to school, they don’t often accept children under the age of three. Most pre-schools don’t provide after school childcare either for children who are old enough to attend school.

Pre-schools tend to follow a prescribed curriculum – the clue is in the name – and are required to have a certain percentage of their staff certified in early childhood education.

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