History and Current Issues of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood development has always been a hotly debated topic, some people feeling that children should remain at home pre school whilst others support the concept of time away from home with other children in a stimulating and constructive environment. Wimbledon House nursery is one of the longest established and leading Wimbledon nursery schools, offering childcare and so much more to a wide range of children, aged from three months old to just before they go to school.  Choose the premier amongst nursery schools in Wimbledon from the many Wimbledon nurseries on offer and ensure the best start for your child.

What is the history of nursery education?

Women have always worked in some shape or form; in times gone by, only the wealthiest could afford to pass the day as they pleased and so the requirement for child care is as old as the hills.

In 1779, a nursery was founded in Strassbourg designed to care for and educate pre-school age children whose parents were absent during the day. Other similar establishments popped up in Europe and then in 1816, Robert Owen opened the first infant school in Britain in New Lanark in Scotland followed by Samuel Wilderspin in London in 1819 followed by many more. Play was an important part of Wilderspin’s system of education and he is credited with inventing the playground. He also wrote many books on early years’ education.

There used to be heated debate on whether children were better off at home with their mothers or whether time in a nursery was of more benefit. Now, most women work and it is generally accepted that day nursery can offer pre-school children wonderful advantages in terms of their early childhood development and formative education.

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