Why Pre-school Education is Important for Children

Preschool education and early childhood development are much more important than many parents realise. Children learn early literacy, social skills and school readiness. Wimbledon Day Nursery is one of the premier Wimbledon nursery schools providing a safe and secure environment for your pre-schoolers but with an emphasis on early childhood development and preparation for school in a setting which is fun, ordered and nurturing. Pick the finest of the Wimbledon nurseries and give your child the best early start in life.

Why is preschool education so important?

Social and emotional development – children have to learn to be respectful of others in the nursery environment and they have to be able to problem-solve. The nursery provides a setting where children can explore and gain a sense of self that builds self-confidence through guided development. Children can carry out tasks and make their own decisions without their parents.

School readiness – in preschool, children learn many of the skills they will need in school; how to take turns, how to be patient and how to share the attention of the teacher or nursery worker with other children. One of the key skills that children develop is to be able to follow directions. Quality preschools and nurseries help children find answers through conversation, experimentation and exploration which can all be done through the medium of play, engagement and interactivity with other children. One of the biggest advantages of preschool, of course, is that children learn to be separate and away from their parents or carer developing a sense of autonomy that is crucial for grade school years.

Language and cognitive skills – children’s language skills are nurtured and developed with new vocabulary introduced during play tasks and activities. Language is also developed through the key tool of storytelling and singing.

Maths and literacy – children are taught numbers and letters but in a way that is both palatable and appealing to their age mostly by means of storytelling, matching games, counting games, puzzles and songs.

Wimbledon Day Nursery is one of the leading Wimbledon nurseries focusing on the key early years of childhood development, preparing little ones for school and guiding them to foster skills which they will need later on. We offer a caring, secure and warm environment and have one of the best reputations amongst Wimbledon nursery schools – happy children are our advertisement! Find out more about the best preschool care for your child on our website.

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