Why is Teacher’s Day Celebrated?

World Teachers Day is also known as International Teachers Day and is held annually every October 5. It is one of several national awareness days which are recognised worldwide. With the challenges of Covid-19 globally, it has never been a better time to acknowledge and evaluate the role that teachers play in the education and development of children and young people. Wimbledon House Nursery as one of the leading nurseries in Wimbledon is proud to recognise the role that teachers play in the lives of families and the importance of early years education. We are one of the premier Wimbledon nurseries preparing your child for those crucial early school years in a warm and secure environment where every child’s development matters.

What is the history of World Teachers Day?

World Teachers Day was born in 1994 and is observed all over the world supported by UNESCO – the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. The day marks the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 UNESCO recommendation concerning the status of teachers and it sets standards regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers for their initial preparation, further education, recruitment, employment and learning conditions.

World Teacher Day is celebrated in 100 countries and allows parents, students and community members to show their appreciation for teachers and to formally recognise the positive impact they make on society. Every year has a theme and in 2020 this was ‘Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession’ through which UNESCO recognised the critical importance of reaffirming the value of the teaching mission.

What is the importance of World Teachers Day?

World Teachers Day is important because not only does it recognise the huge contribution that teachers make to every family and society in general but it also offers a chance to consider the issues surrounding education which are identified each year in the chosen theme.

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