The importance of teaching your child to use eco-friendly products

Young children are the future of the planet, one day they will be independent decision-makers, they could be educators or even worldwide policymakers. As every parent and teacher knows, what you teach them in childhood will stay with them forever. It is never too early for children’s to learn to throw items away in the recycling bin or begin to understand respect for the natural world around them and Wimbledon Day Nursery is a pioneer amongst Wimbledon nursery schools for the emphasis it puts on teaching children the importance of eco-friendly items and eco-friendly ideas.

Wimbledon Day Nursery follows the ‘Green Three R’s Rule’  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:-

  • during craft play, we use eco-friendly items and when play is finished, the children are taught about the recycling bins for their litter and also what they can recycle and use again. The children are encouraged to be part of that process
  • The concept of using eco-friendly items and the impact they have on the environment is referenced in storytelling and outside play and nature activities so the children learn from an early age the impact they can make on the environment and their responsibility towards it
  • Appropriate learning activities which revolve around play are geared towards an eco-friendly element, for example, the play shop in the nursery is an eco-friendly shop
  • Gardening activities are a key time when children are introduced to the concept of the environment so that they can begin to understand how even in a small way they can have an influence
  • Our Wimbledon Day Nursery handbags and school bags are made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials

Small people have big ideas, they love to engage and feel involved and giving children responsibility even in the tiniest of ways always reaps great rewards. Experience dictates that early years’ influences will remain with children for life. Eco-friendly ideas and an eco- friendly ethos are at the heart of what we do at Wimbledon Day Nursery. Pick the most progressive and eco-friendly nursery for your child amongst Wimbledon Nursery Schools, learn more on our website

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