The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation for Children

It is never too early to introduce young children to the concept of mindfulness and the importance of a healthy mind and a healthy body. Wimbledon Day Nursery regularly uses morning yoga sessions to assist the children in their learning and development and to support their wellbeing. We are one of the first nurseries in Wimbledon to embrace yoga and meditation as part of our daily regimes.

Here are some of the demonstrable benefits that yoga can offer your child:-

  • Yoga can help children relief tension and manage anxiety through breathing exercises and relaxation techniques which is such a valuable life skill
  • Yoga improves emotional regulation teaching children to learn to be just in the present moment
  • Yoga can boost self-esteem and give children a sense of control and empowerment even at a young age
  • Yoga can increase body awareness and mindfulness
  • Enhancing concentration and memory is one of Yoga’s key benefits for young children
  • Yoga is a great exercise for strength and flexibility without the risk of getting injured.
  • Yoga teaches the concept of discipline and can reduce impulsive tendencies. It is a great outlet for children who are more robust in their behaviour or who need a physical outlet to express themselves

The benefits of Yoga and clearing the mind for some quiet or meditative time are well-known for grown-ups but is often overlooked as a technique to help develop the physical and emotional health among young children. Wimbledon Day Nursery is a leader amongst nurseries for its use of yoga and has a Happy Yoga Day to introduce new children and parents to the joys and benefits of yoga. Morning yoga is regularly included in our timetable strategically placed after some loud and noisy play to induce calm and peace before a more focused and contemplative activity.  For more information on our Yoga Day, our website explains more

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