Which is more beneficial, choosing your child’s day care near your home or work?

Wimbledon Day Nursery is one of many day nurseries in Wimbledon who have a mix of families, some who live nearby, others who work in the vicinity.  It can be difficult to decide whether to opt for a day nursery near your home or place of work. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both alternatives to help you choose.

Advantages of a day care centre near your home:

  • both partners can share the drop-off and pick up routine
  • if you often work from home flexibly then a day nursery near home makes more sense
  • if you live in a suburban or even rural location but work in a city then you might find that child care is cheaper nearer to your home than your place of work
  • Childcare near your home will encourage you to walk or cycle which can be better for you and your child’s health

The main drawback is, what happens when your child is ill?  You have a potentially long commute to get back to pick them up.

Advantages of a daycare centre near your work:

  • You can spend more time with your child as you travel in together
  • You are nearby if there is a problem or your child is ill
  • You don’t have to commute back from work to collect your child with all the delays and stress that can inevitably occur

The drawbacks are if you and your partner work in different locations, then only one parent will be able to take the child and pick them up.  You may also find that city-based daycare provision is more expensive.  There could be less outside and green space for your child in an urban location too.

If you want to find a local nursery, then you can type ‘daycare nursery near me’ into the Google search bar or ask advice on social media.  Wimbledon Day Nursery offer experienced and professional daycare in Wimbledon whether you are a local resident or just work nearby.  Visit our website to find out more www.wimbledondaynursery.co.uk

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