Understanding how to deal with an angry child

As a day nursery, learning how to deal with an angry child is a big part of the job when it comes to caring for young children.  It can be one of the most challenging situations for a nursery worker to deal with and how much more so when it is your own child you are confronted with.  We share our top tips to help you deal with your angry child.

  • Don’t become angry or aggressive yourself – so easy to say and oh so hard to do as our children know just how to push our buttons. An aggressive or angry response from a parent will just make the situation worse
  • Don’t use reason to and try to solve the problem, it won’t work. Using the ‘if you stop your tantrum on the supermarket floor then you will get home more quickly to your favourite film and ice-cream’ just won’t work with a distraught infant
  • Work hard to stay calm – it’s easy to feel the blood pressure rising when you are in a difficult situation especially if you are out in public. Stay super calm and this will help to diffuse the child’s anger.  Staying calm keeps you in charge as someone to look up to and respect
  • Don’t get physical with the child, if you feel that you are likely to do so then step back away from the child until you regain control
  • With small children, just detach yourself very slightly so that they understand that they can play a role in helping to calm themselves down
  • Give simple consequences for bad behaviour, not for the anger but if there is any subsequent bad behaviour like pushing another child or parent or breaking something
  • Take a short break and come back to the child after say five minutes to see if their anger has abated, this will often help the parent or carer in the day nursery situation just as much as the angry child

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