Safety measures to protect children from Coronavirus

Anyone of any age can catch and spread the Corona Virus although thankfully, it would seem that children are less badly affected than adults as the severity of risk increases with age.

The way to keep your children safe from Covid-19 is to follow the government guidelines about social distancing and keep your children at home.  They should not be mixing with their friends although they can speak to them and remote family members using Facetime or similar platforms.  Apart from a period of exercise during each day, children need to remain at home in their household and not mix with anyone outside their immediate home.  Frequent handwashing is also really important.

If you have infants then only take them with you to the shops when it is absolutely unavoidable, for example, if your partner is a key worker.  It is much harder to impose good hand hygiene and social distancing with young children in say, a supermarket setting, than outside in the park.   Turning the situation around so social distancing is a game rather than something to frighten them with can be more productive.

If you or anyone in your house develops the symptoms of Corona Virus then the household should be in lockdown for 14 days.  Anyone with the symptoms only has to self-isolate for 7 days but they could have given it to another member of the family and the symptoms can take 14 days to develop.  If there are no evident symptoms in anyone else in the family,  carry on observing the 14-day rule as some people are asymptomatic which means they are carriers but don’t show any signs of the disease.

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