How To Inculcate The Habit Of Reading In Your Child?

Wimbledon Day Nursery understands the importance of reading and with nursery school children which is why part of every day is allocated to storytelling.  As a nursery in Wimbledon, we are at the forefront of promoting early reading habits and support our parents to do this in the home.  Here are some tips and ideas to help you encourage your children to read at home for pleasure.

  • Create a special cosy corner with a favourite beanbag or chair for reading activities. Always ensure there is a range of books for your child to choose from
  • Lead by example, let your children see you reading so they understand that this is a family activity
  • Join a local library and make trips to the library something fun, perhaps combine them with a walk in the park or a treat like a milkshake or ice-cream
  • Let your child read something that interests them rather than something you think they should be reading
  • Make reading relevant, encourage your child to read things whilst they are out and about like the menus in restaurants or road signs
  • Spot reading opportunities like picking up a magazine whilst you are waiting at the doctor’s or the dentist
  • Ask them about the story they are reading, be interested in the characters and talk to them about the plot
  • Re-read favourites over again, it doesn’t matter how often, children adore the familiarity, repetition and comfort of a favourite story
  • Pick books with rhyme and repetition which always appeal to children
  • Make sure you make time for that all-important bedtime story. Even children who can read still love to be read to and retain an association with comfort and peace at bedtime

Reading increases vocabulary, improves language skills, sparks imagination and curiosity and improves communication.  Wimbledon Day Nursery is one of the prominent nursery schools in Wimbledon, noted for their focus on early years’ reading and literacy.  We help your child to discover a real love of books and reading.  Visit our website to learn more

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