How Parents Can Help Preschool Teachers

The job of ensuring the quality of education of a child is the job of both parents and nursery teachers. Parents are right to assume that is why they pay nursery teachers, but the truth is your role as a parent can never be ignored. You are the first contact between your children and the world.

Even though nursery teachers try to know a child as much as they can, no one can or should know them better than you, the parent. At Wimbledon Day Nursery, we strive to work as much as possible with parents so that together, we can help forge our amazing children for a greater tomorrow.

Power of Games

Whenever they are at home, try to play varieties of games that will enhance and help retain what they are being taught in their nursery in Wimbledon. Play Names Game by making them spell their names, make them sort objects into categories based on shape, and do some counting too. All of these can be done while you have them with you in the kitchen or sitting room.

Tell Stories

Another way to help your nursery in Wimbledon educate your child is to tell them bedtime stories that reinforce good character. Read to them lovely story books that are not scary so that they don’t have nightmares.

Allow them to Watch Television Seldomly

The stage your children are at is a delicate one where are trying to form their own view of the world. They are very receptive at this stage, so the use of the television should be reduced except for quality TV shows which should be more than two hours daily.

We at Wimbledon Day Nursery views each and every parent as the primary educator who will be an enduring positive influence on their child’s growth and development and look forward to an exciting journey with each parent that comes through our door, starting with your initial visit all the way through to hearing how your child has transitioned into school.

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