5 Must Know Tips for the First Day at Daycare

The first day at daycare or nursery in Wimbledon marks a significant transition for your you child and your family. To help navigate this change for both, we have put together some advice which will help you to start your nursery experience with maximum success and minimum tears.

Go Over the Schedule
Prepare your kid for what they’ll experience at daycare. Be as detailed as possible, and carefully explain all the little things to your child again and again. Make sure that they understand what you are conveying.

Adjust to the New Routine
For instance, your family, has a few days to get used to any new sleep schedule that daycare will need. Start to get up at the time you’ll require to awaken on daycare days, and set — and keep — a proper bedtime to have a good night’s sleep.

Visit the Centre
Visit the daycare with your kid at least once ahead of time. Having you nearby during the first experience will give them a sense of parental security as they warm up to this new environment. But make sure to give them with some space to explore on their own. Some parents advocate doing a practice school day, a day before their actual start. See if the daycare will accommodate such a request, allowing both parents and kids to get a feel for what to expect.

Trust the Staff
Make sure that you trust the staff of daycare who are taking care of your child. If you’re confident about the daycare institute and the carers, your child will also be quite confident. On the other hand, if you are little anxious, that will rub off on your child.

Make a Special Purchase
Remember the great excitement of getting brand new items for the first day of daycare? A back-to-school present is an exciting way to gear up your child for the first day.

At Wimbledon day nursery in Wimbledon, UK, we believe that the quality of early childhood development is reliant on the connection between the parents and their care providers. Our state of the art nurseries in Wimbledon create a great learning atmosphere ideal for your child’s comprehensive development. At Wimbledon day nursery, we are nurturers who encourage basic learning through exploration, and who understand the importance of balance between what a child needs to feel safe and his/her needs to reach the desired potential.

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