How to Help Kids to Develop Their Cognitive Health?

Most children under five get anxious over significant life changes and turn shy or clingy around people they don’t know. But what about kids who worry about tiny things, burst into tears on a regular basis at bedtime or have frequent temper tantrums? Such behaviour makes parents and teachers worried about them. What if this kid is already developing a mental health issue, one that could get very severe by the teen years?

Offering kids a solid foundation of mental wellness at a young age might fend off more severe problems later. Many nurseries in Wimbledon use social-emotional learning (SEL) a scientific approach to teach children. This approach helps them to understand and manage their emotions through a range of modern and effective techniques which may support to build mental wellness.

Supporting the Kids

A well-run daycare based on the SEL principles begins with a positive environment. It makes sure that the room is set up for the child to feel safe and have fun. Age-appropriate spaces and exciting activities build their confidence. Teachers introduce new activities only when kids are ready. Children also grow confidence when they master new tasks.

Also, a key to a child care space that supports kids emotionally has a quiet, cosy corner where those who feel tired or require a break to deal with strong feelings can go to unwind.

Positive Interactions

  • The daily routine at a child care centre has many goals: one of them is helping kids feel emotionally protected. Teachers may encourage you to drop your child off at the day care by 9 AM. So that they can experience the full daily routine. The routine with the rules helps kids feel secure and free to explore.
  • Much of that routine comprises children doing things for themselves, including the tasks they might not do at their home. Drinking from a glass, clearing and scraping their eating plates, doing a complete tidy-up after an activity. These regular tasks help kids feel more self-sufficient and confident, which eventually contributes to good mental health.
  • Teachers following the SEL programming listen to children, show compassion and care, even during the tough moments such as temper tantrums. They will help the kid to calm down, listen to their issues and continue to reinforce the rules regarding their safety and respecting others.
  • It’s regarding a kid’s interactions with others that the SEL theory makes a difference. For example, a day care teacher might validate the feelings of a child who is showing signs of anxiety by making them understand the state of feeling and conquering it all by themselves.

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